Return Policy

Only items purchased from LME will qualify for return or replacement

The following policy applies to any purchase made from LM Electronics Distribution ("LME") unless otherwise noted below or superseded by a vendors direct return policy.

Any item(s) returned must be complete with all original packing materials, accessories and original box, all of which must be in pristine condition. Scratched and/or dented units will not be returned under any circumstances. Additional fees will be incurred for missing or damaged packing materials, original box, accessories, manuals, remotes, or any item that was included in the original factory sealed package that is missing. Any additional fees will be based on the value of the missing and/or damaged component(s) / packing material(s), plus an additional $10.00 or up to 15% of the primary products original value, whichever is greater, will be incurred.

Any fees associated with a return for any reason will be due and collected before a return is made regardless of dealers current terms.

Please note that our advanced replacement policies have recently changed.

We will charge your card for advance replacements when they ship and refund the card when the product is returned to us. Your return options are listed below:

  1. You can use the supplied return shipping label to send the product directly back to the manufacturer. This way you are not out any shipping costs, but it may take one to two weeks to receive credit for the return.
  2. You can ship the product back to our warehouse at your expense. You will receive credit back within one to two business days, but you are responsible for shipping costs.
  3. You may return the defective unit to us at your expense and we will send you a replacement as soon as we receive the defective unit. You will not be charged for the replacement unit up front.

**Please note - due to a high number of returned products with "No Problem Found" when tested at our office, there may be a small restocking fee on the returned unit if there is nothing wrong with it.

Factory Sealed Items

  • Refunded in full up to 30 days after date of purchase.
  • After 30 days, a restocking fee of up to 15% may be charged.
  • Discontinued items or items more than 90 days old, refunds are at the discretion of LME.

Special Order Items

  • Non-returnable unless defective.
  • Special Order items are marked as such online and in the products description on the invoice.

Open box (non-defective) Items

  • Can be returned up to 15 days from the date of purchase
  • Restocking fee of up to 15% may be charged and is at the discretion of LME.

Defective Items

In the case any item purchased from LME is suspected of being defective, the dealer should contact an LME technical support representative immediately from the field with the product still installed. We will assist in running several high level tech support procedures before declaring the unit defective. If this procedure is not completed before returning the unit to the dealers office and/or LME's facility we will require the unit be re-connected and tested either at the dealers facility or LME's before the unit in question will qualify as defective.

  • Must be less than 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Any unit shipped back to the vendor as "defective" and there is no problem found (NPF), unit will be returned to dealer, any refund amount issued will be assessed as a fee on the dealers account and a fee equal to the price of any shipping costs incurred by LME plus $10.00 or 5% of the products value, whichever is greater, will be assessed on the dealers account due immediately regardless of current terms on the account.

AVR Receiver Specifics

  • Our vendors now mandate that we test all receivers before being sent back.
  • Receivers over 30 days old are sent to service (by dealer), not replaced by LME.

TV Mount Specifics

  • Flat Panel Mounts that have been installed are not eligible for return unless the product is defective as determined by the vendor in question.

Further questions? Please contact your sales team.